Biel-Real pt.4 – Underground

DATE/DATUM 17 May 2019

BILLETS 15.- + 1.-

Biel-Real man. Strictly Classic Hip-Hop Beats. Celebrating 4 elements out of Biel/Bienne City.

Underground is where the truth has been left behind. We all have this one secret:  Who we truly are.
Hip-Hop allows you to express yourself, to battle in a non violent way; in a way with style. It allows you to give the others some kind of an idea, who you truly are. Underground is humble. You don’t shine from the outside, you shine from the inside.
This time Biel-Real wants to create an undground atmosphare, where there will be just you, your cool face and your soul on fire.
So….put your hoodies on, come to the Coupole and listen to the Classic Real Shit!
Biel-Real pt.4 – Underground @Coupole Biel/Bienne
Fr. 17.05.2019, Entry: 15.- + 1.-
Doors: 22h, Closed: 6 am
LIEU/ORT Chessu / Coupole

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