Racine with Burni Aman

DATE/DATUM 19 May 2018 until 20 May 2018
19:00 - 3:00


Racine with Burni Aman

Mahgreb-Jazz et Rap

Burni Aman (South Africa)- Hip Hop/Rap
Adrian Oggier (CH) – Trumpet, Kalimba
Cyprien Rochat (CH) – E Guitar
Nicolas Engel (CH) – Keys, Electronics
Hamid Khadiri (MA/CH) – Perc, Guembri, Vocal

Racine is the answer to a call. Thee call of percussionist and composer Hamid Khadiri. In 2014, he returned from Morocco and felt it was time to pay homage; presenting “L’Etrange” and “Gharibo”, the titles of the first pieces of Racine. He turns to a younger generation and invites Nicolas Engel, pianist and electronic virtuoso, happy to collect images and colors, stumbling over roots, off the beaten track.
But the project takes time to develop. Three years later, in 2017, after experimenting with the sound of the harp, classical singing and the violin, Hamid and Nicolas contact Adrien Oggier and Cyprien Rochat, who complements racine on levels of identity and music. A project, on the solid basis of musicians who navigate brilliantly between the digital and the acoustic, the traditional and the foreign, the new and the ancient. creating moments that remind us of the importance on the inner path. Racine is a homage to the inseparable thread of identity playing out between the shadow and the light.

LIEU/ORT Gärbi - Breihaus
Gerbergasse 25

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